Don't Let Them Kill You: 10 Simple Rules for Navigating Chronic Illness in the Age of Infinite Intervention 

Non-Fiction, Health/Wellness

This book is about navigating the medical landscape in American healthcare.


Woah, big topic! This book is written from my 40 years of experience living with chronic illness and disability while living a full and complicated life. My book  is an honest, informative guide to surviving and thriving with chronic illnesses through 10 applicable rules. Whatever health issue you have, this book will help you.

While patients have access to more medical information and treatment options than ever before, we’re often at a loss for truly understanding the barrage of choices. Medical professionals and patients look for a balance between treatment and quality of life, but their opinions about what quality looks like are often at odds. Lack of planning, forethought, or communication can have devastating results. We need to think about our decisions before we’re faced with a crisis. We need to understand our true beliefs about the lives we’re hoping to preserve. We need to be prepared and stake a claim in our own health and healing. 

My book explores taking that personal choice and power to a higher level in the medical setting and empowers patients to become a stronger voice in their very real life and death decisions. Yes, this is a book about having chronic, life-threatening illnesses in a time where the medical community can treat, but not cure, almost everything, but it’s really a book about becoming empowered in your own decision-making process. 

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Unto the East: Words in Waiting


"Unto the East: Words in Waiting" chronicles the experience of the author, Mary ElizaBeth Peters, (that's me!) while she was awaiting a double lung transplant for cystic fibrosis.


Beth hosts to chronicle her experience, and that of the thousands of twenty-somethings with cystic fibrosis or other illnesses who are living through dying each year.

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