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February 1, 2021, Welcome! 

What a crazy year this has been! 

On March 1st, I signed a contract with Rea Frye and WriteWay, to finally outline and pitch my book, Don't Let The Kill You: 10 Rules for Navigating Chronic Illness. I had dreamt of writing this book since receiving my double lung transplant which saved my life from Cystic Fibrosis in 2010 (10 and a half years ago!).  At that time, I had published a blog and a poetry book, and I had written articles here and there. 

Approaching the ten year anniversary of my transplant, AND my 40th Birthday (which seems crazy), I was reminded that perhaps I had let my writing life get left behind when I returned to work in theatre and education.  I was still journaling but I had become more private than I was before before transplant, when I felt called to publicly document my journey. So when I found Rea and WriteWay, through a fellow alumni from theatre school,  Jessica Zweig of the SimplyBe Agency, I felt like I had found what I needed - inspiration!  And deadlines. 

On March 1st, I signed with Rea, and on March 15th, the universe shut down for the beginning of the this long strange strip of COVID-19. I finally had what I needed to write my book - TIME!  It was as though the universe was offering me a strange opportunity in the middle of a confusing and sad international tragedy. 

Later that spring, Rea and I pitched the book to literary agents, and I was picked up by Rachel Beck of Liza Dawson Associates who will start shopping my book soon. In the mean,  I have had the absolute honor of revisiting my old blog audience, while cultivating a new one. I have learned so much about chronic illness, wellness and the varying paths we all take to becoming healthy, strong and happy. 

I hope you will come with me on this journey and continue to read, watch and play along!

With Love, 

February 7, 2021 - Happy Valentine's Day! And, An Announcement!

You might not know this, but Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays! I love that it celebrates love in all its forms - romantic love of course, but also the love for our intimate friends, family members, and ourSELVES. 

One of the ways I have been able to express love for myself is by dedicating the extra time during the pandemic to my health and wellness. When I started really writing my book, Don't Let Them Kill You: Ten Rules for Navigating Chronic Illness, I realized that I had learned so much in these forty years of cystic fibrosis and ten (and a HALF) years since my double lung transplant, but I wasn't always following my own advice. 

If we can't dedicate time to our health NOW, then when? 

I chose to turn inward to my own health practices, habits and beliefs. By focusing on what I BELIEVE, and following that with what I can DO, I was able to return to a path of physical and mental wellness that I had somewhat ignored in the busy pace of life. 

This has led me to make a BIG announcement today:  

I will now offer chronic illness / patient advocacy COACHING


What does that mean? What is a chronic illness coach? What is a patient advocate, anyway?! 

  • I can help you make a plan to address your biggest challenges.

  • Coaching will be 100% virtual so it can take place anywhere, any time. 

  • And - your first three sessions are FREE. 


Do you want to learn more?  Click below! 


Find Out More

Thank you for coming with me on this journey!

With Love, 

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